Terms and Conditions

FastSMT bases its ability to meet your electronic manufacturing needs on the following:
Your electronic design meets our capabilities.

  • Max Panel size: 18″ x 24″
  • Component range: 0201 to 2.25 Sq.

You understand that your assembly drawing and Bill of Material supersedes industry standards.

Your kits are complete and accurate! And all parts are properly identified in conjunction with your Bill of Material.

You package each kit separately!

The data you provide reflects the expected delivered product.

Please be advised: We are not miracle workers! If components or PCBs in your kit do not work we cannot make them work. We strongly recommend that all PCBs (especially multi-layer PCBs) be electrically tested at the FAB House and have soldermask and legible silk screening that identifies each part location.

All manufacturing data must be received and verified at least 24 hours before the parts are received and the delivery clock begins. The following is the manufacturing data needed:

  • Bill of material in Excel or ascii format (Excel is prefered.)
  • Solder paste file (For stencils both top and bottom for double sided SMT)
  • Placement data (also known as: Centroid data or X-Y data. (again, in Excel))

The cut-off time for receiving parts for the day is 12:00 PM PST . Any parts received after that is considered the following business day.

  • When multiple jobs are mixed together, the launch will be delayed until the parts are sorted out. This could add one or two days.

EXTRA Parts: We require 10% + 10 pcs of extra parts for passive components. (Example if you have 10 pcs required for the build, we need those 10 pcs + 1 (10%) + 10 pcs for a total of 21 parts)

We ask for one extra part for expensive parts. Please make sure ICs arrive in the original manufacturer’s tray or packaging. Bent leads may result in assembly issues and boards that do not work. (We may be able to rework bent leads but there will be an additional charge. Also, we are not liable for bent leads that are broken when we are trying to rework them.)

The PCB must have reference designators and polarity markings.

If you require J-STD-001 Class 3, your PCB’s silkscreening must also meet class 3 standards. If it does not, FastSMT is not liable for any discoloring or the removal of the silkscreen during the cleaning process.

For production runs please follow our panelization rules.

FastSMT does not inspect incoming kits for accuracy (quantity or correct component value.)

  • If the wrong part is provided we will not use the part (the appropriate locations will be vacant) and we will notify you in a Production report.
  • If there is a shortage we will notify you by both email and a phone call for instructions. If a response is not received within ONE HOUR we will pull the job – breakdown the set-up and a 20% re-launch charge will apply.
  • If you would like us to stop the job and wait for the shortage parts, or the correct part, a 20% re-launch charge will apply.

FastSMT warranties assembly workmanship only for 60 days.

If there are any workmanship issues, FastSMT will re-work the assembly.

Any rework or additional work done by the customer nullifies this warranty.

In no event will FastSMT’s liability exceed the amount of invoice.

Electronic Source Company warranties workmanship only and gives no other warranty expressed or implied. Electronic Source Company specifically disclaims all other warranties other than for workmanship and the cost of workmanship only.

FastSMT guarantees delivery under the following conditions:

The data matches the parts supplied and the reference designators are properly silkscreened on the PCB.

Pad footprints match the parts supplied.

The data (Bill of Material and placement data) is received 24 hrs in advance of the material. The parts are received before 12 noon on day one of the job.

All parts are complete with the appropriate attrition amounts (extra parts 10% + 10 pcs.)

Each kit is packaged separately.

Shipment and payment:

Shipment time is 4PM.

Credit cards will be charged at the time your order is placed.

There is a $25 additional charge for all orders shipped to Canada and Mexico and a $50 charge for all other destinations outside the U.S.