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What is Nadcap and AC7120?

Nadcap is the leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes & products (such as electronic manufacturing and others) and provide continual improvement within the aerospace industry.

Circuit Card Assembly

AC7120 is the Nadcap audit criteria for circuit card assembly. There are approximately 450 areas of process requirements and procedures in which an electronic manufacturing operation must comply.

Some of these include:

  • Configuration control
  • Visual acuity of its soldering operators
  • A documented ESD control system completely compliant with ANSI/ESD/S20.20/
  • A documented moisture sensitive device MSD control system compliant with J-STD 033
  • A control system for all age sensitive materials
  • Configuration control for all tools, jigs and connectors
  • Documented procedures for failure analysis and closed loop improvement
  • Control of component shelf life
  • Documented procedures that set up and define the use and training in the use of automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Documented procedures that set up and define the use and training in the use of X-ray
  • Documented procedures that set up and define the use of reflow and profile validation and traceability
  • Documented procedures for cleaning methods and cleanliness level verification
  • Documented procedures for wire stripping, tinning and installation
  • Documented procedures for conformal coating with minimum cleanliness levels and inspection criteria
  • Documented procedures for flying probe test and methodology for validation of tests including repeatability, capability, coverage and revision control
  • Documented procedures for process control including defined quality metrics
  • Documented procedures for the control and traceability of material (components)

Nadcap Electronics

Again, these are just some of the 450 or more requirements for EMS Nadcap certification. Due to its rigger, as of January 2012, there are less than 40 companies certified worldwide.

Electronic Source Company (FastSMT) is Nadcap certified.