Radiation Hardened Space Electronics

Finding the Best Space Electronic Manufacturing

Space is the least forgiving environment there is, and electronics aren’t exactly known for their resilience. This means that you need a Nadcap certified electronic manufacturing service with serious qualities to make sure that they will stand up to the tests put to them by the space industry, including by using a radiation hardened electronics assembly. Some of these additional qualities include the following.

Fast Turn Around

The space industry moves quickly, since there are so many different pieces that all need to be made in the right order and at the right time.

High Quality End-Products

A “decent quality” end product isn’t going to cut it when you’re talking about space. Only the best quality electronics will be able to endure such a test.


The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program ensure that the components being made are space-ready. Only manufacturers who have this accreditation can really ensure that the products re up to spec.

The Right Company for Space

Only sites, like FastSMT.com, that meet all of these tests will be trustworthy enough to take your products into space. In addition to Nadcap accreditation, they also have expertise for working with NASA and ISO-9000. The in-house work ensures high quality, and the turnaround times are measured in hours.

Services Offered

Quick Turn PCB Assembly – It takes just 3 days for FastSMT to order and put together Printed Circuit Boards, and a 5-day turn around for delivery.

Flying Probe Test – This 24 hour test for PCBs is done concurrently.

5σ – 6σ Processing – This is done with no more than 200 Defects per Million opportunities.

Conformal Coating – Special conformal coating processes ensure that protect from water, dust, and temperature extremes that ruin electronics.

Electronics Layout and DesignLayout engineers with 10 years of experience will layout and design your products.

NASA Soldering – Each solderer has 40 hours of J-STD 001 training from NASA instructors.

Getting Started

Those who work in the space industry know that time is a precious thing. The fastest way to get what you need is to move quickly down to FastSMT.com to contact a representative. They will be able to get going on your projects right away without wasting a single extra second.