Medical Electronics

Medical Electronics Considerations

When it comes to medical electronics, you definitely need the absolute best. After all, we are talking about people’s lives here. As a result, there are certain qualities that are absolutely necessary in an electronic manufacturing company.

For one thing, it’s important to have a fast turnaround because medical equipment often needs to be made to spec quickly. Second, it’s important to have high quality end products. The Medical industry isn’t one where you can get away with anything but the best, after all.

Additionally, NADCAP training is another standard that’s important to have in employees at a medical electronics manufacturing company. This stands for “National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program,” and it’s one of the more rigorous programs for accrediting those making electronics. If you need a very high standard and fast turnaround, like you often do in the Medical industry, then looking for a NADCAP certification is a reasonable way to ensure these things will be true.

Companies That Meet the Grade

Overall, this means that you need companies that can deliver all three of these requirements. An example would be This site has the NADCAP accreditation, for one thing. They also guarantee a speed of delivery that is as fast as 5 days total, which is speedier than many other companies. The exhaustive tests they do to ensure quality makes their quality high-end as well. Another reason for this high quality is the fact they have NASA certified electronic manufacturers, and NADCAP certified EMS as well.

FastSMT Services

Quick Turn PCB Assembly – FastSMT has a 5 day turn around for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies from the time you order them.

Flying Probe Test -This 24-hour test development is done at the same time for low cost.

5σ – 6σ Processing – These are processed at a high-mix and have only 200 Defects per Million.

Conformal Coating – This process protects against damaging elements of any kind that can occur in the Medical field.

Electronics Layout and Design – Professional designers help keep costs down through analysis.

NASA Soldering – Professionals at FastSMT have 40 hours of training from NASA solderers.

Overall, it makes sense to choose the company with the proven speed, quality and certifications you want for Medical electronics. If you contact an agent at today, they will get started on your order immediately.