Electronics for Industrial Controls

Choose the Right NASA Certified Electronics Manufacturer for your Job

If you are looking for electronic assembly that meets the exacting standards that you need for your job, then you need to make sure to choose a NASA Certified Electronics Manufacturer that can guarantee it. As well as those high standards that should also be able to produce your requirements on time, with a quick turnaround that you can rely upon, while still being fully in compliance with Nadcap Certification and AC7120 requirements.

One such company that is able to fulfill these criteria are FastSMT who are a California based company who specialize in providing high reliability, quick response, electronic manufacturing services that comply with the very highest industry standards.

In addition to having access to cutting edge conformal coating and cabling equipment. They are also able to guarantee world-class defects per million opportunities, NASA Certified Solderers and SMT Operators who are trained to exceed Nadcap, ISO and J-STD Certifications.

Here is a selection of the services that FastSMT can provide for your business:

Quick Turn PCB Assembly – Fast turnaround on circuit-board assembly with full layout and design services available.

Flying Probe Test
– This incorporates both Burn-In Testing and Functional Testing and has a lower cost than ICT Fixtures and Programming.

5σ – 6σ Processing
– The defects per million the company offers are consistently below 200 and is well below the industry average which is closer to 6000 DPMO.

Conformal Coating – This is a special coating that protects circuit boards and other electronic circuitry from dust, moisture and chemicals and is routinely applied by FastSMT in-house, which means you don’t have to.

Electronics Layout and Design – There is a special team available that can assist you with designing and laying out your circuits, and which ensures that there are no mistakes before manufacture.

NASA Soldering
– The standards of a NASA Solderer are dramatically higher then the industry average, with forty hours of additional training per operator being required to meet these “Space Ready” conditions.

If you want to avail yourself of the very highest standards of electronic assembly available in the industry, then be sure to contact a FastSMT.com representative to discuss your requirements on 1-818-988-7696 today !