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Getting the Best NADCAP Certified Electronics Manufacturing Services for your Project

If you are looking for a company that is capable of producing a radiation hardened electronics assembly process for your telecom electronics parts, it is important to choose carefully. You should first look for a company that is able to manufacture for the telecommunications industry to a standard that at least matches or exceeds that of the Nadcap Certifications. In addition, they need to be able to do so on time, to a reasonable budget and with a minimum of inconvenience to your business. So it is easy to see why this is a tall order!

One company that matches up to these exacting requirements is FastSMT.com who offer the latest equipment, the very best trained staff and the guarantee of being an ITAR Registered company that offers rad hard electronics assembly and is fully capable of being able to produce electronics to Nadcap, J-Std and ISO standards.

Among some of the services that they have on offer are:

Quick Turn PCB Assembly – The large production capabilities of FastSMT are shown in the now standard fast-turnaround period of only two weeks with the ability to both build and deliver within five days if the situation demands it.

Flying Probe Test – This is a functional test that can be carried out within just a 24-hour period and which has much lower costs associated with it then the tests that other companies offer.

5σ – 6σ Processing – There is a high mix environment at FastSMT, but nevertheless, the operation is carried out at between the fifth and sixth sigma with much better than average quality standards.

Conformal Coating – The very latest conformal coating techniques ensures that your electronic circuits are never at risk from temperature extremes, dust or moisture.

Electronics Layout and Design – Industry leading PCB layout tools such as Cadence Allegro and Altium P-Cad ensure that all electronics can be designed in-house if required.

NASA Soldering – The same standard of soldering as NASA employees for its Deep-Space craft is the only standard that is good enough for FastSMT clients.

If you would like the very best NADCAP Certified Electronics Manufacturing Services, then you should contact our representative at 1-818-988-7696 for immediate satisfaction.